Wenfei Sun

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

From: Changxing, China
Category: Molecular Medicine
Title essay: Burning fat to heat


Wenfei is originally from Changxing, China. Initially interested in studying physics and chemistry, he attended college at China Pharmaceutical University, where he developed an enthusiasm in medical research. Following this enthusiasm, he pursued training in Richard Deckelbaum’s lab at Columbia University where he received his master’s degree. Then he moved to ETH Zürich for his Doctor of Sciences degree in Molecular Biomedicine, where he worked with Christian Wolfrum to study the biology of metabolic disorders. Laveraging clinical data from thousands of individuals as well as single cell genomic thecnologies, he uncovered an epigentic circuit and identified a novel type of adipocytes that both modulate brown adipose tissue thermogenesis. Wenfei is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Stephen Quake’s lab at Stanford University, studying the molecular basis of long-term memory.

Besides life in the lab, Wenfei enjoys traveling and exploring the wildlife around the world.