2016 Young Scientist Prize Winners

The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists was established in 2013. To date, sixteen scientists have been awarded for extraordinary achievements in their PhD research projects. For biographies of all awardees and access to the winning essays and additional video material, enter our information pages for 2015 winners2014 winners or 2013 winners.


Science & SciLifeLab are proud to announce the 2016 of Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists! The four winners received their awards in December 2016 during a ceremony and dinner in the Hall of Mirrors at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

neir-eshel-sq  Neir Eshel, Stanford University, USA, Cell and Molecular Biology Grand Prize Winner
Essay: Trial and Error – Optogenetic techniques offer insight into the dopamine circuit underlying learning
sambehjati_sq Sam Behjati, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Genomics and Proteomics Category Prize Winner
Essay: Retracing embryological fate – Cloned organoids derived from adult mice enable reconstruction of embryonic lineages
canan-dagdeviren-sq Canan Dagdeviren, MIT, USA
Translational Medicine Category Prize Winner
Essay: The future of bionic dynamos – Internal organs have the potential to power implantable devices
david-seekell-sq David Seekell, Umeå University, Sweden
Ecology and Environment Category Prize Winner
Essay: Passing the point of no return – Early warning signals indicate impending ecosystem regime changes

From left: Valda Vinson, Science; Olli Kallioniemi, SciLifeLab; David Seekell, Umeå University; Canan Dagdeviren, MIT; Peter Wallenberg, Wallenberg Foundation; Sam Behjati, Sanger Institute; Neir Eshel, Harvard University; Barbara Jasny, Science